Abstract Submission

The abstracts are collected from the congress website pvcon.org  Abstracts submitted by e-mail or any other methods will not be accepted. Following abstract submission, an automated notification will be sent to the arbitration committee. We recommend you to pay attention to spelling and typing mistakes, since the approved abstracts will be published as it is approved as unprinted environments.

Abstract Submission Deadline : May 1, 2018

Rules for Creating and Submitting Abstracts:

  1. To create an abstract, click “Abstract Submission” at pvcon.org website.
  2. If you are not already a registered user, click to the “New Registration” button to create your account and complete the activation sent by email. If you already have an account you do not need to make new registration. Use your email and password to login to the system.
  3. After logging in to the system, click “My Abstract List” from the menu above. Click on the red button with “Add New Abstract” in the upper right corner of the page. Fill in the relevant fields to create your abstract
    • Please take note of the following items when creating the abstract.
    • Do not use titles in author names.
    • The first letter of the name and surname must be capitalized. All other letters must me lowercase Ex: (Jane Doe)
    • Authors institution and address information must be entered to the address input.
    • The body text is limited to 250 words.
    • References are shown in body text in [  ]. For example: [1] Reference Example
    • References given should be added as references by reference numeral.
    • To load a figure, you can upload a picture by clicking the box next to the figure name in the “Figure Upload” section.
    • After entering all the information, press “Save” button to save your abstract as draft.
    • In “My Abstract List” click on the PDF preview. Check if your abstract fit on a single page. If not, rearrange your abstract before submitting it.
  4. All saved abstracts will be listed as “Draft List”.
  5. Click on the “My Abstract List” and list your saved abstracts. Click on the “Submit” button to submit the related abstract. You can list and view status of abstracts that you have submitted from this tab.
  6. Arbitration committee will be notified after a successfull abstract submission. Any related updates will be sent as a notification to the registered author.
  7. After submitting the abstract to the arbitration committee editing will be disabled. If you would like to edit your abstract you will need to dispatch a request by clicking the “Edit Request” button. Following approval of your edit request, you will receive an email and be able to edit your abstract.
  8. As long as the abstract is processed by the arbitration committee a notification will be sent as an email. Somehow email notifications could fail.
  9. We advise you to check “My Abstract List” frequently for any possible updates.
  1. If you are experiencing any problems receiving emails, please add “e-meeting.online” to your safe list or white list.
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Special Issue in Renewable Energy

Selected number of papers with strong original contributions to science/applied science which include papers on both relevant modeling and laboratory/field experimental researches will be invited to be peer reviewed and published as special issue in the international journal Renewable Energy.

RG impact factor:  4.52        5-Year Impact Factor:  4.825

Editor:  Elsevier
Managing Editor:  Prof. Dr. Bulent G. Akinoglu