Scientific Committee

NameAffiliationCountryResearch Field
Dr. Glunz, StefanFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy SystemsGermanyCrystalline-Si Solar Cells
Dr. Abate, AntonioHelmholtz CenterGermanyDye-sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells
Dr. Agresti, Antonio University of Rome Tor VergataItalyOrganic and Hybrid Photovoltaics
Dr. Akınoğlu, Bülent GültekinMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyModules and Outdoor Testing
Dr. Alptekin, Demet AsilMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyQuantum Dots and Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Aygün, Gülnurİzmir Institute of TechnologyTurkeyCZTS Thin Film Solar Cells
Dr. Bacıoğlu, AkınHacettepe UniversityTurkeyThin Film Solar Cells
Dr. Badescu, ViorelPolitehnica University of BucharestRomaniaSolar Thermodynamics
Dr. Balog, RobertTexas A&MQatarModules, Inverter Technologies
Dr. Baran, DeryaKing Abdullah University of Science & TechnologyTurkeyOrganic Solar Cells, Hybrid Solar Cells, Transparent Solar Cells
Dr. Becker, ChristianeHelmholtz-Zentrum BerlinGermanySilicon Nanostructures for PV and Photonic Applications
Dr. Bek, AlpanMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyPhotonics, Plasmonics, Light Trapping
Dr. Bernechea Navarro, MaríaUniversity of ZaragozaSpainSynthesis and Characterization of Solar Cell Materials
Dr. Campesato, RobertaCentro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano – S.p.A.ItalyMulti-Junction Solar Cells
Dr. Çırpan, AliMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Çubukçu, MeteEge UniversityTurkeyModules, PV Power Systems, Applications
Dr. De Wolf, StefaanKing Abdullah University of Science & TechnologySaudi ArabiaCrystalline-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells
Dr. Demirci Sankır, NurdanTOBB University of Economics and TechnologyTurkeyThin Film Solar Cells
Dr. Ela, Şule ErtenEge UniversityTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Ennaoui, AhmedInstitut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies NouvellesMoroccoSolar Energy Materials & Solar Cells
Dr. Erçelebi, ÇiğdemMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyThin Film Materials and Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Gordon, IvanImec R&D, Nano Electronics and Digital TechnologiesBelgiumSilicon Photovoltaics
Dr. Güneş, MehmetMuğla UniversityTurkeyAmorphous-Si Solar Cells, Optical Characterization
Dr. Güneş, SerapYıldız Teknik UniversityTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Hagendorf, ChristianFraunhofer – Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP)GermanyDiagnostics of Solar Cells, Indoor and Outdoor Testing, Nanotechnology, Surface Chemistry
Dr. Kalogirou, SoterisCyprus University of TechnologyCyprusHybrid Photovoltaic / Thermal Systems, Computational Simulation and Optimization of Solar Systems
Dr. Kaya, Hava ZekiyeMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyPerovskite Solar Cells, Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
Dr. Kılıç, BayramYalova UniversityTurkeyDye-sensitized Solar Cells
Dr. Kodolbaş, Alp OsmanTÜBİTAK Marmara Research CenterTurkeyAmorphous-Si Solar Cells
Dr. Kuhnlein, Holger RENA Technologies GmbH Germanyc-Si Solar Cells
Dr. Kurtz, SarahNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) & University of CaliforniaUSAQuantification of the Degradation of PV Systems
Dr. Muhtaroğlu, AliMiddle East Technical University (Northern Cyprus Campus)CyprusPV Performance & PV-Thermal
Dr. Mutlugün, EvrenAbdullah Gül UniversityTurkeyQuantum Dots and Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Nasser, HishamMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeySilicon Heterojunction (SHJ) Solar Cells and Dopant-free SHJ, Carrier Selective Heterocontacts
Dr. Nazeeruddin, Mohammad KhajaÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneSwitzerlandPerovskite Solar Cells & Recent Advancements
Dr. Ocak, Yusuf SelimDicle UniversityTurkeyThin Film Materials and Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Oktik, ŞenerŞişecamTurkeyPV Material Technologies
Dr. Özdemir, EnginKocaeli UniversityTurkeyInverter Technologies
Dr. Özdemir Hacıoğlu, ŞerifeMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyPerovskite Solar Cells, Conjugated Polymers
Dr. Özden, TalatGümüşhane UniversityTurkeyPV Electronics, Outdoor Testing
Dr. Özel, FarukKaramanoğlu Mehmetbey UniversityTurkeyThin Film Materials and Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Özenbaş, MacitMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyDye-sensitized Solar Cells
Dr. Özmen, Özge TüzünDüzce UniversityTurkeyAmorphous-Si Solar Cells
Dr. Parlak, MehmetMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyCopper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) Solar Cells, New Thin Film Material
Dr. Paulescu, MariusWest University of TimișoaraRomaniaPhysics of Solar Cells, Quantum Electronics
Dr. Ruşen, Selmin EnerKaramanoğlu Mehmetbey UniversityTurkeySolar Irradiation and Energy Efficiency
Dr. Selimoğlu, ÖzgürTÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research InstituteTurkeyConcentrator Photovoltaics (CPV)
Dr. Seyhan, AyşeÖmer Halisdemir UniversityTurkeySilicon Heterojenction (SHJ) Solar Cells
Dr. Shariah, AdnanJordan University of Science and TechnologyJordanThin Film Silicon Solar Cells
Dr. Sinke, WimEnergy Research Centre of the Netherlands & University of AmsterdamNetherlandsPhotovoltaic Energy Conversion
Dr. Soytaş, UğurMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyEconomics of Solar PV
Dr. Sönmezoğlu, SavaşKaramanoğlu Mehmetbey UniversityTurkeyDye-sensitized Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells
Dr. Taş, RecepBartın UniversityTurkeyConducting Polymers and Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Applications
Dr. Toppare, LeventMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Ünalan, Hüsnü EmrahMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyNanomaterials and Solar Cells
Dr. Varlıklı, Cananİzmir Institute of TechnologyTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Yağlıoğlu, GülAnkara UniversityTurkeyAmorphous Thin Films
Dr. Yerci, SelçukMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyc-Si Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells, Light Trapping
Dr. Yılmaz, ErcanAbant İzzet Baysal UniversityTurkeySi Device Processing
Dr. Yüce, EmreMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyOptically Functional Surfaces for Solar Applications
Dr. Yücel, İsmailMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyMeteorology, Climate Change, Environmental Impact Assessment
Dr. Zafer, CeylanEge UniversityTurkeyOrganic Photovoltaics
Dr. Zan, RecepÖmer Halisdemir UniversityTurkeyGraphene-based Solar Cells 
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Special Issue in Renewable Energy

Selected number of papers with strong original contributions to science/applied science which include papers on both relevant modeling and laboratory/field experimental researches will be invited to be peer reviewed and published as special issue in the international journal Renewable Energy.

RG impact factor:  4.52        5-Year Impact Factor:  4.825

Editor:  Elsevier
Managing Editor:  Prof. Dr. Bulent G. Akinoglu