Ivan Gordon

Ivan Gordon


Dr. Ivan Gordon obtained his PhD in the field of novel magnetic materials for sensor applications from the University of Leuven, Belgium in February 2002. He started to work at IMEC in June 2003, where he is currently leading the Silicon PV group, working on c-Si wafer-based solar cells, thin-film silicon solar cells, and advanced module concepts for ultra-thin c-Si wafer-based cells. He has authored and co-authored more than 220 journal and conference papers (>2800 citations, h-factor 28, February 2018). Since January 2018, he is editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, for which he has been acting as editor since 2008 onwards. Since January 2016, he is the coordinator of the joint program on Photovoltaics of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and a steering committee member of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics (ETIP-PV).


Title and Abstract of the Speech: 

Cell and module fabrication options for kerfless, thin epitaxial Silicon foils: Progress and challenges

Ivan Gordon

Manager of Silicon Photovoltaics Group, IMEC, Belgium


Advancement in conventional and kerfless wafering is enabling sub-100 µm wafer thicknesses which necessitates a rethink about how flexible, light-weight and fragile thin Silicon wafers and foils can be handled and processed into solar modules with high mechanical yield. This paper provides a broad overview of the different cell and module fabrication approaches, specifically focusing on the progress and challenges in freestanding processing as well as supported processing of thin Silicon when bonded to a conductive low-cost Silicon substrate or to a glass superstrate, and by extension module-level cell processing on module glass. Kerfless 50 µm-thick epitaxial Silicon foils lifted-off using porous silicon are used as model substrates for this work.

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