Today, within the global developing economy and technology, to meet the increased needs of energy, the renewables are at the hub of almost all energy policy transitions. They are the most promising future energy resources as mostly being environmentally friendly, readily available and accessible. In consequence, both the utility-scale and rooftop applications of solar photovoltaic (PV) are becoming widespread with an ever-increasing rate all over the world.

One of the most important reasons of increasing rate of installation of solar energy systems and, in particular solar PV, is the incentives and amendments are regulated by governing bodies of many nations. On the other hand, serious R/D affords are made on reducing the unit prices to reach competitive levels with conventional alternatives. Many research centers all over the world are actively searching to increase the efficiencies and reduce the unit energy prices so that solar PV can compete in the today’s dynamic energy market without incentives. In fact, unit energy price of electricity generation of solar PV become already compatible with conventional electricity generating power plants.

In Turkey, in accord with the worldwide development, the interest in solar energy systems is rapidly growing, especially after the implementation of incentives and amendments. Conversely, concerns raised now on possible causes of losses to nationwide economy due to quite high incentives. This can be overcome by the development of Turkey’s present R/D infrastructure.  In recent years, considerable measures are taken on this issue. To this end, new research infrastructures such as Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM) have been founded by the financial support provided by Ministry of Development of Turkey.

As the need for R/D is increasing and the steps are taken to improve the infrastructure, we organized the first PVCon in July 2018, METU Campus, Ankara, Turkey. With the hope and willingness for the continuity of this conference while advancing in the future, we are pleased to announce its second organization as PVCon2020. The main aim is to present a well-established scientific and technical forum on solar PV.

We again plan to host international and national invited speakers, researchers, representatives of governmental bodies and private sector. The participants will share the recent researches and developments of the science and technology about solar energy and solar PV, contributing to the development of the related R/D and infrastructure, and in the meantime establishing a fruitful platform of national and international collaborations.

We take this opportunity to thank sincerely in advance of PVCon2020 to all the participants, to the governmental and private sector representatives, to national and international governmental and private organizations supporting us, and to state our best wishes for the success of the second conference like the first one.

With our kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Raşit TURAN (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Bülent G. Akınoğlu (Co-Chair)