Dr. Hisham NASSER
EΧtremePV Workshop Chair

The world’s first workshop on PV solar cells and modules under extreme hot/cold climate and arid conditions with intense/low sunshine as well as floating PV will be affiliated to PVCon2020. 

There is always an ever-growing energy demands with the increase in population worldwide. Several energy sources to meet the energy demands are diminishing. In this regards, finding alternative sources to produce energy such as PV solar cells is becoming crucial to reach a certain balance between energy demands and supply. Solar energy offers an everlasting environmental-friendly energy source. Desert regions with large amount of sun, are attractive for solar energy, yet with several challenges affecting the overall solar cells and modules performance. Cold weathers can be beneficial for solar cell performance, however, there are always several problems caused by snow, icing, long nights, and less sunshine, in cold regions. Building PV modules on water surface like lakes, dams, or reservoirs is of great importance in the sense not to use agricultural, inhabited, or productive lands for PV plants. However, floating PV may suffer from corrosion, instability caused by moist environment, and requires special safety designs to transmit generated power which imposes extra costs.

This workshop aims to discuss the challenges and possible solutions of solar cells and modules operating under these extreme conditions by bringing experts from industry and researchers from prestigious institutes together under a single EXtremePV platform.

We encourage you to share your expertise and findings with us.

To submit abstract, please choose one of the “Extreme PV” topics in Abstract Submission Form: http://pvcon.org/abstract-submission

We look forward to meeting you in Ankara!