Canan Kandilli

Uşak University

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Canan Kandilli, PhD, is an Associate Prof. Dr. of Mechanical Engineering at Usak University, Turkey. She completed her PhD on Solar Energy in Ege University, Solar Energy Institute in 2007. She was granted a post-doc position at Institute of Energy Technology in ETH Zurich to carry out research on transmission of concentrated solar power. Her projects have centered on concentrated solar energy systems, spectral beam splitting of concentrating solar energy, CPV and PVT systems, heat storage materials and Zero Energy Buildings, energy efficiency for industry and buildings. She is one of founding editors of The International Journal of Research on Engineering Structures and Materials ( since 2015 and editorial member of several journals on her research area.

Talk Info

Potential of the Photovoltaic Thermal Systems for Green Transformation in Industry and Zero Energy Building Applications
While photovoltaic (PV) solar cells convert only the part corresponding to their spectral response range into electricity, depending on the properties of the material, a significant part of the solar radiation causes a heat load on the solar cell. Photovoltaic thermal systems (PVT), they are used to remove this excessive heat load and evaluate it as thermal energy. With PVT systems, both electrical and thermal energy can be obtained from a single module, and the negative effect of temperature increase on electrical conversion efficiency can be minimized. Within the scope of energy efficiency in industry and buildings, two important processes have been experienced in recent years: Green Transformation in Industry and Zero Energy Buildings. While solar energy takes the lead in achieving sustainability goals, utilizing high capacities of solar thermal energy along with electricity will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. PVT systems have a significant potential in supplying thermal energy in industrial applications. In addition, in a structure where heating-cooling-electricity expenses will be supported by PVT systems, it will be easier to achieve the zero energy target.

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