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Study on efficiency improvement technology of industrial manufacturing for Jolywood-TOPCon solar cell
With the increasingly market demand for high-efficiency TOPCon solar cell, major manufacturers are encouraged to continuously improve cell mass production efficiency. Improving the contact resistance (ρc) between the metal electrode and the semiconductor and reducing the metal composite current density (J0,metal) is a key direction to improve the efficiency of silicon solar cells. As a high-density carrier of energy, LASER is favored for its advantages of normal temperature processing, high precision, controllable and changeable processing area. Therefore, this paper shows several efficiency improvement technologies for industrial mass production of TOPCon based on laser equipment. Including the Laser Selective Emitter technology that has been put into mass production in Jolywood, it can improve the mass production efficiency of the solar cell by about 0.29%. And a new c-Si cell injection metallization technology successfully developed by Jolywood, namely "Jolywood Special Injected metallization technology (JSIM) - through a unique metallization process, the mass production efficiency of the solar cell can be improved by about 0.35% or more. Based on this technology, the power attenuation problem of TOPCon module after damp heat test is perfectly solved, and a solution is found for double-sided single glass.

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