Ramazan Sarı

Technical University of Denmark


Ramazan Sari is an energy economist in the Department of Management at the Technical University of Denmark. He has a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. His research is shaped by (i) gender, regional, and cultural differences in the acceptance of new energy technologies and policies and (ii) the economic and social aspects of sustainability, including economic growth, economic poverty, energy poverty, and energy justice. He has extensive research experience on economic growth, inequality, income distribution, energy, and environmental topics, utilizing quantitative and qualitative data in developing and developed countries. He has experience in coordinating, co-coordinating, and serving in many research and capacity-building projects funded by EU Horizon 2020, British Academy Newton Funds, Turkish Planning Institute, Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council, Atomic Energy Agency of Vienna, Danida, and Horizon Europe. He is an associate editor for the Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, Nature’s journal. The literature well receives his research and places him in the Stanford-Elsevier top 2% rankings.


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